Due to the economic crisis, the youth unemployment rate in the partner countries (France, Germany,  Italy and Spain) has been continuously increasing over the past few years to reach an alarming average of 31% in 2012.
This critical situation frequently impedes our students’ ability to imagine bright future prospects. Therefore our project aims at creating positive expectations towards future working opportunities as well as enabling young people to have the necessary tools and skills to secure the economic future of the European Union, in particular through the awareness of the possibilities for self-employment beyond the national borders.
All the partners involved will cooperate and assess different approaches to cope with the crisis and eventually develop a common response, stressing the students’ self-confidence and optimism.
That is the reason why besides attaining an understanding of the economic areas around us, the project focuses on creating a virtual business in each country to connect the school environment with the working world, through contact with various business experts to find common regulations, procedures and business approaches as well as cultural similarities.
The consequential solidarity within the European Union, which arises from young people bridging transnational gaps, will be the only chance to overcome times of crises such as ours and pave the way for a truly unified Europe.

Follow us in this motivating journey, YOU W0N’T REGRET IT!!!


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